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What the ACT Does…

“There are many reasons why students find the mathematics on standardized tests difficult, but the one I’d like to focus on here––the phrasing of the questions––rarely gets mentioned. It turns out that a little knowledge about how the ACT constructs and words its questions can go a long way in helping students improve their ACT math scores.
When students learn math in school, many concepts are taught in only one way, and with very straightforward phrasing. One great example concerns something called the fundamental counting principle, which every student learns in about 5th or 6th grade…”

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Understanding the how the test is given, which test to take, how the test is worded, and what will be tested is essential for success when taking standardized test. Call me today to schedule a complimentary College and Scholarship Consultation to get started learning more about testing. 
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Article was written by: Evan Wessler.



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