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 “MIT, Columbia, Cornell, wow ! We couldn’t be more pleased. THANK YOU, NADINE !!!”  

M.C., Houston, TX 2018

“We thought Purdue (with Scholarship $) and Notre Dame were dream schools. You made it happen !!! Thank you, Nadine!”            

C.L., Boulder, CO 2018​

“She received so much money from Southern Methodist University. Her Dad and I are thrilled.”  

F.B., Houston, TX 2018

“My son worked with Nadine Underbrink (Cash4College) from his high school sophomore year until his senior year. Nadine did a great job and we are very pleased with the service she provided. We highly recommend her!”

A.G. Houston, TX 2017

“He’s so happy at Austin College. We never thought we could afford such an expensive school. The guidance we all received was enormous and so appreciated.”

C.H., Seabrook, TX 2016

Every parent is excited and terrified at the same time while driving their kid through high school and on to an appropriate college. Depending on the aptitude and desired major in college, there are preferred classes that the high schoolers must ace. And then depending upon the kid’s academic course load and achievements, they have to decide between AP, PreAP, electives, and other classes. And to compound all of this, there are countless other tasks that must be executed on time and in order to prepare them for college admissions (essays, applications, recommendation letters, etc.). I wasn’t schooled in the USA and did not know the various procedures and steps my daughter must go through to be admitted to her favorite college. I researched and spoke to many people in the area and they ALL pointed me to Nadine. I gave my daughter’s academic future in her hands and I am writing this to confirm that it was the BEST decision! With Nadine’s help and counseling, she got admitted to 8 out of 9 colleges she applied for and ended up going where heart belonged; Baylor University (pre-med, biology). Nadine is extremely disciplined, organized and has a very charming and convincing personality. She is experienced and says what she says with authority. Her experience and knowledge of US college systems is impressive. She listens, coaches, and let the students make their own decisions based on facts and practical tips. She involves parents at the right times and asks them to back off when the students need an extra dosage of self-reliance and confidence in decision making. Hiring a college coach is nerve wracking but not so much with Nadine. There is no one else who I would trust my kid’s academic future with. My second kid is already in her able hands and the third one will soon follow the same path! “

A.C. Houston, TX 2017

“You made Fordham University a dream come true…thank you so, so much.”

W.H., Miami, Florida 2017

“Thankfully, she’s attending RICE University because of you.”

M.M. Houston, TX 2016

“She earned almost $115,000 from one university, thank you, thank you!”

C.S., Houston, TX 2014

“Nadine, you were a game-changer. Our daughter is so happy in college, and so are we!”

Seabrook, TX 2015​

“My son was disorganized, yet he would listen to you. He’s happily attending SMU, thank you!”

V.C., Katy, TX 2014

“I was so pleased with the multiple scholarships offers, that I can’t wait to start the process for her sibling next year.”

C.A., Houston, TX 2015

 “The guidance I’ve received for the past four years is so invaluable. I’m so happy with my school in Dallas!”

M.A., Kemah, TX, 2015

“Nadine is very helpful in providing information about different colleges. My sons’ path was not straight forward selecting the best college for him. My son had many different choices in the process. His choices were football, military, academic, and powerlifting for college. She helped him explore all of his options and she never became frustrated with his indecisions. I am glad we did hired Nadine because, it helped him make a wise choice. Now he will be attending Texas A&M in the fall with ROTC scholarship. I am glad that she understood that this was a financial decision for him and I. We were able to work through the process to complete this project on budget.”

D.R. Santa Fe, TX  2018 

“I have individually tutored high school students in SAT & ACT test preparation for many years in the greater Houston area. After a student’s score increases to match certain school entrance numbers, they must then go through the time consuming application process which includes writing samples that must be tailored to preferred schools. This is where Nadine’s talent shines. I have heard from a great number of students that Nadine has helped them tremendously with the application process and has aided in achieving large scholarship awards. Nadine is a dedicated person who can meet individualized needs and many students that I have tutored have sung her praises.”

T.C. Houston, TX 2018

“Thank you, with out the college counseling, I would never be able to have earned over $215,000 in scholarships and grants.”

L.M., Corpus Christi 2015

“My parents found your business. Thank you for helping me  organize my applications even last minute. I love Baylor.” 

T.J.J, Conroe, TX 2016​

“UT Austin wasn’t possible without the guidance I received. I’ve even made honors!”

 H.E., League City, TX, 2016

“Thank you, I wouldn’t have been automatically accepted in Texas A&M university without Cash4College.”

I.M. Houston, TX 2016

“Its hard to believe where we would be if we hadn’t sought your guidance. Our daughter is so happy in California. We are so happy with the $128,000 scholarship!”

R.G., Houston, TX 2016