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Baylor University Scholars

Baylor’s University Scholars Program is designed for outstanding students who seek a liberal education, and choose two or more concentrations, often in diverse disciplines. Most University Scholars students enter the program as first year students through a rigorous application process that considers criteria including: ACT/SAT scores, class rank, application essays, interests, maturity, and fit for the program

Students and Concentrations

University Scholars cultivates a broad base of knowledge and skills across the arts & sciences and may include professional studies. Students explore widely and experience the breadth of Baylor University’s course offerings. As their intellectual passion and vocation become apparent, students work with mentors to craft an individualized course of study in two or more disciplines. Minimum course work for a concentration is generally defined as 5-6 upper-level courses in a discipline or closely-aligned disciplines. Advisors and mentors recommend courses of study, transdisciplinary opportunities, internships, study abroad programs, and academic experiences to help students tailor a Baylor education that helps them meet their post-baccalaureate and long-term academic goals. The program is not an end in itself but rather a point of departure for intellectual inquiry and academic excellence. Scholars typically go on to graduate school, medical school, or law school.


  • University Scholars are members of the Honors Program to afford them access to honors courses, faculty, and experiences.
  • First year: University Scholars students are enrolled in cohort sections of Great Text courses GTX2301 and 2302. Each students constructs an independent reading list.
  • Second year: The UNSC capstone course and its approved course alternatives engage with texts and ideas of the modern world. Students explore ideas for the undergraduate thesis.
  • Third year: Independent reading culminates in a one-hour interview with faculty and an advanced UNSC student; the reading list texts are discussed in the context of the student’s intellectual development, arts & science courses, and concentrations.
  • The faculty-guided thesis project has the goal of providing students with deep and sustained research and writing opportunities appropriate to the discipline.

The program supports students as they engage and attain the highest levels of learning with a liberal arts foundation and focus. We encourage them to strive for election in Phi Beta Kappa in their final Baylor semester, completing substantive work in the sciences, languages and across campus to show the breadth and depth that Phi Beta Kappa affirms.


We would encourage you to consider applying to the University Scholars Program. Please feel free to discuss the particulars of the program with a program director by telephone, via email or in person. If you are planning a campus visit, please contact Charmaine Dull via email or call (254) 710-3744 to set up an appointment. We would enjoy discussing in greater detail some of the features of our program and learning of your academic interests and aspirations.

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All this information above was obtained from http://www.baylor.edu/univ_sch/index.php?id=76837