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4 Steps for Declaring a College Major

 “The hiring trends in the post 2007 financial crisis world is showing signs that when it comes to getting a job upon graduation, a student’s major matters.

Recent studies show students majoring in engineering, computer science, education and health care tend to have better hiring prospects in the anemic labor market.

​Current students might be feeling the pressure to pick the right major as they watch former classmate struggle to find full-time work. The College Board reports that most students change majors at least once and many switch several times throughout their college career. However, experts warn that changing focus too many times can end up costing sttudents extra time and money…”

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Declaring a major is a big decision as a college student. It can effect the cost of college, your future career, and potential opportunities that you may come your way.  Let me guide you in your decision making process.  This is what I specialize in! Contact me to day for a complimentary college & scholarship consultation. 

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Article written by: Emily Driscoll 



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